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Mountain Biking 13 Jan 2008 09:54 pm

A rare sunny day in January

Man today was great. Me and Duncan, Morgan, Brian, & Taylor doing shuttle runs in the sunshine on our new trail. The new trail is coming along quite nicely.

Taylor just before the trail goes steep down


More soon.

Mountain Biking 06 Jan 2008 07:15 pm

A snow ride with Elvis

I recently did a snow ride with my sketchy dog Elvis. I say sketchy not because he’s not the raddest dog in the world but because he’s insanely freaked out by anyone who doesn’t live in the house with him or he hasn’t spent at least 10 consecutive hours with (no one is truly trustworthy in less than ten hours as we all know). Unfortunately this limits his people friends to about 10 souls..The rest of the world are hackle-raising scary aliens.


Meet Elvis…….If you’re not doubled over laughing right now there’s something wrong with you.

Anyway, his Anthropophobia in no way inhibits his trail running prowess. A good trail running dog; always lets you lead, is fast as hell, can go an easy ten miles, doesn’t go on a walkabout and make you spend 3 hours trying to find them. Our other dog Piper has all those traits too except for one really bad habit. Every time I stop she thinks I’m some sort of livestock and starts barking at the most annoying high pitched frequency while simultaneously shooting laser beams at me from her eyes. No big deal right–so she’s the best motivational coach you could ever have..right. Well it is kind of nice to appreciate the view from the top of the mountain without bleeding from the eardrums too. Don’t worry she gets to go too.

If my technology was working this is where I’d insert a couple pictures I took with my camera phone at almost dark. They turned out crappy (wow spell check just caught that I tried to spell crappy with only one p) anyway so you’re not missing much. But I was really happy that Elvis & I made it all the way up to four corners in 4-6 inches of snow with no dabs–for me anyway. It didn’t matter that I was in my granny gear going walking speed the whole time. What mattered is that there were no other tracks in the snow but my tires & Elvis’ dog paws. What mattered was the scritchy silence of snow and the sight of perfectly clean tires. What mattered was hitting the ladder drop on Marty’s in 6 inches of untracked snow. Elvis was smarter & took the around line.