Well the weather’s been so nasty lately– I’m talking 8-10 inches of snow in town NASTY– that I really haven’t been able to get any good dirt-under-knobs riding in for a while. Can’t even get any snow-under-knobs saddle time in either. So being the endorphin needing person I am I’ve set up my very own hamster wheel in the upstairs bedroom. Now lets face it–You gotta be pretty hard up to enjoy (enjoy that’s crazy..tolerate) the hamster wheels.

10 minutes on it feels like an hour, an hour feels like all day, you know–If you don’t know then good for you. So in a stroke of desperation turned genius or something I started watching my Downieville helmet cam footage while on the trainer. Sprinting off the start line, sprinting every time I’m on the virtual flats, sprinting on the big climb, and sprinting for the finish line. And you know what… the time actually passes. It doesn’t fly by mind you but it does actually pass. The video works so well I find myself actually leaning a bit into the corners, not a good thing to do on the trainer. I’ve dubbed this pass time “Downie-vals”

This first shot is outside my work, down by the Ashland bike hostel, after the big dumpcheck the roofs of the cars

And this second shot is my view from the helm of the U.S. HAmsterwheelsnow-in-january-009.jpg

I really hope next time I’ll have more to share than this….but for now the snow’s still falling and the Hamster wheel is gently calling my name, it sounds a lot like when you have a family of rodents living IN your walls.