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Mountain Biking 19 Mar 2008 10:08 pm

First Race of the Year

If you ever have the chance to drive 800 miles round trip to a F.O.C.F race DO IT.

The Friends Of Capitol Forest crew take loving care of their riding area in Capitol Forest Washington and put on a great race putting 100% of the profits back into the forest, building and maintaining the trails. Two races actually. An XC race on Saturday and a Super D race on Sunday. I didn’t get there in time to race in the XC which I will admit I wasn’t exactly heartbroken about as I did get there in time to see the racers roll through onto their second lap. That was when I knew it was going to be one of those epic PNW race weekends. The kind where you spend 2 days covered in mud, cold, greasy, unable to ever get really clean, eating cold sandwiches from the cooler camped out in the back of the van, and totally immersed in the race mentality.

Saturday looked promising like maybe the weather prophet was wrong, but still the ground was totally saturated, red clay based gummo grease trail..don’t get me wrong..this was honest racin’ mud. About noon Simon & Tom rolled up & we made our way up to the top of the Super D course for a couple practice runs. It was sort of snowing at the top. You know that point where the weather can’t decide if it wants to snow or rain on you? So it kind of does both. My experience is that it doesn’t get much colder than that snow/rain mixture.

It was this kind of muddy

Thanks for the shot Mike!nathan-04.jpg

Got a couple practice runs in. Fell down once in front of Simon in this cool section of the course thats about 4 years regrown from an old clear cut. It was like a mud slip ‘n slide single track. Tom was kind enough to shuttle us all weekend and lone me a windbreaker–I don’t know how after years of racing I still manage to show up to races not fully prepared. But I do.

The race went off without a hitch. Eerily smooth actually. I don’t remember once wondering if the race would start on time or any number of other little things that can go wrong. It was a two run format with the ability to ditch your worst run. I think just about everybody’s first runs were their best (except for Simon who somehow managed to get faster on a course that definitely got slower). As it turned out Team Fluidride ended up taking home 1st (me) & 4th place (Simon) for the day. Not a bad way to start out the race season I’d say.

Thanks to F.O.C.F for putting on a great race and thanks to Simon & Tom for providing & driving our own personal shuttle. I’m definitely planning to go back for their next race in September–check it out at



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Mountain Biking 11 Mar 2008 09:32 pm

It’s a big race season approaching!

Oh yes unfortunately I’ll be burning a lot o’ Cheney-juice this year getting to all the races I’ve got planned. But I only feel partially terrible about it since I’ve only filled my tank up about three, maybe four, times since starting my new job in October. It’s literally a 3-4 minute coast downhill by bicycle to work in the morning. I’m actually being lazy by “riding” to work as it takes longer to drive there.

Like I said “It’s a big race season approaching”and I’ve set myself some pretty big goals for it. If I hit half of them I’ll be pretty happy, and if I hit just the big one I’ll be really really happy. Sacrifices have been made though. I haven’t had a beer (or any alcohol) since new years day–this ones the easiest to give up. Coffee? No thanks I’ll take just a little black tea please. Sweets, God I missed you bad for about the first week but now that it’s been a couple months I’m doing better. And then theres the not eating after about 7-ish at night–This ones been pretty tough too. Remember the movie Gremlins? Oh almost forgot, then there’s also the just not eating very much thing. Throw in a bunch of apples, mangos, & almonds and you’ve got yourself the Mark-Weir-hating-your-life-diet.

The result is that I’m down about twelve pounds from my last year’s race weight. We’ll see if it works. Today I just started toying with the idea of only having all those dietary goodies after winning a race. Which is a lenient downgrade from my original idea of not having any of these goodies until after July.

Below is my proposed 2008 race schedule (every time I type the word schedule I have to think about the way the English pronounce it in order to spell it correctly);

2008 race schedule

Capitol Forest WA, Super D & XC
March 15-16th

March 27 – March 31, 2008 Fontana NationalSouthridge Park XC/DH/ST/4X/Super D

April 2 – April 7, 2008 NOVA NationalMcDowell Mountain Regional Park
Fountain Hills, ArizonaXC/ST/Super D

Fluidride Cup #1: April 4-6 2008 Port Angeles

Sea Otter Classic
April 15th-21th

Spring Thaw
May 3-4

Fluidride Cup #2: May 9-11 2008 Mt Hood

May 17 – May 18, 2008 Santa Ynez National presented by Platinum PerformanceTed Chamberlin RanchLos Olivos, California

Fluidride Cup #3: June 6-8 2008 Port Angeles

June 14th-15ish
Mt Ashland Super D

Return on the JedI DH race
Grants Pass OR
June 28th

June 25 – June 30, 2008 Deer Valley National Park City, Utah

Downieville Classic!
July 9– July 14, 2008

Aug 9-17th Whistler BC

Fluidride Cup #5: August 22-24 2008 Port Angeles
NSMB 6 Final

August 27 – September 1, 2008 National Mountain Bike Series FinalsTamarack Resort
Tamarack, Idaho
XC/DH/4Xor DS/ST/Super D

Sept 13-14th
Scotty Graham Memorial DH Mt HOOD

Fluidride Cup #6 (Finals): September 26-28 2008 Mt Hood