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Mountain Biking 30 Apr 2008 09:27 pm

six to twelve weeks

Remember that last post where I mentioned going OTB at Weir’s pump track?  Well I finally went in to get it X-ray’d a week later cause it kept bugging me and it turns out I fractured my Navicular Scafoid.  Sweet.  Turns out it’s the slowest healing bone in the body—No kidding. SWWWEEET!  So broke a bone about the size of a dime in my wrist.  Have a cast from my knuckles to elbow.  Will have it for six to twelve weeks.  It must weigh 5 pounds.  OK gotta go–can’t hold arm up to type anymore.

Mountain Biking 27 Apr 2008 09:27 pm

Another Sea Otter has come & gone

This years Sea Otter Classic went (for me) a lot like the last one. 38th in the DH (35th last year) and just missed qualifying for slalom by a hair again. Shoot. Nothing exciting there. I left thinking I should have raced a semi slick on the back(Like my other teammate Phil Weiring), maybe on the front too. Every year I am amazed again and again by just how tight the margins can be there. Literally every pedal stroke counts for a couple places. Hell every half pedal stroke!

I finished with a 2:20:0 in 38th place. 39th finished with a 2:20:0somethingmorethanme, and 40th was a 2:20:0somethingmorethanhim. All in all there were 11 guys who finished in between 2:20 and 2:21. So it’s not a crazy idea that a semi slick might have made up 15 places. Note to self—Actually remember this before next years otter. The skinsuit may be necessary.  I’ll second guess myself next year too in case you were wondering.

Got some great helmet cam footage of the Sea Otter DH course too.  I’m the cam and Lars is the rider.

All in all I’d say the highlight of the trip was my teammate Lars Sternberg qualifying 3rd in the Slalom and then going on to place 9th. Pretty freaking impressive when you think about the fact that the level of competition at the Otter is basically World Cup contenders.

The other highlight (and lowlight) of the weekend was a stop at Mark Weir’s pump track on the way back on Sunday. Highlight because well it’s Mark Weir’s pump track and it’s the baddest pump track in the know universe. At least in my know universe. Highlight because I witnessed Lars manual the entire back row of 30 yards of doubles & bumps. It was a ninja maneuver that sent Mark off to get his video camera and made me want to quit riding bikes. But instead I went one more lap, went over the bars, landed into the face of the next jump, and messed up my wrist. Don’t know how bad yet, but tomorrow I’m going in for an X-Ray to find out. LOWLIGHT. Can ride a road bike if I don’t stand up to pedal. And I can ride a mtn bike too–Across town–If I don’t stand up.

Mountain Biking 11 Apr 2008 03:36 pm

First Fluidride Cup race of the year

Well Thanks to my immune system taking a digger after the last week of racing & working & generally burning the candle at both ends I finally have a chance to sit down and capture my thoughts about last weekends race. And the sum of my thoughts are that whoever has been saying that bicycle racing is on it’s way out is way wrong. Last weekend played host to the first of the Fluidride Cup races this year up in Port Angeles WA and there were around 250 racers competing in everything from Dual Slalom to DH. And everyone seemed so stoked to be there. And that’s without there even being a whole lot of sunlight to be had. Of course it was mostly Pacific Northwesterners who, out of necessity, have come to view anything that is not actually raining on you as a form of sunshine.

It was a long haul up there. It was a long weekend in general. I left work Friday at about 3:30 pm got to Port Angeles, which is about as close as you can get to Canada without being strip searched eh, a little after midnight. Got up pretty early Saturday & did a couple practice runs on the DH course before breaking out the Slalom bike and practicing the slalom course before qualifying to race slalom. Then going back up for a couple more DH practise runs before coming back to race the Slalom at 4pm.

It was a blast..It’d been a while since I’d raced slalom, a year actually since last Sea Otter, which I didn’t even get to race since I didn’t qualify. So was I even racing? Anyway It was a blast going head to head on a course that I found pretty challenging and really fun. The middle section had some berms that were so tight it was like you couldn’t even carve them. You sort of had to hit them & then “bunnyhop/transfer” to the next and then the next. Ricochet I think is the right word for it. It’s the kind of course that you could have in your back yard & probably never get tired of. I’ll have to ask the winner Lars Sternberg in a year to see if he’s gotten tired of it yet.

Sunday. The DH course made me jealous. Jealous that I don’t have anything like it around my house. Jealous that I couldn’t go as fast as my competition on it. I got killed. Destroyed. Left wondering about my own skills as a rider. I want to go back. I want to master those corners & drops. I want redemption. I want one of those in my backyard.

And then I tucked my tail in for the long drive home, prepared to spend the next 9 1/2 hours bitterly reflecting on my own poor results. Much to my own surprise I only spent about an hour being self absorbed & bummed and then I spent the rest of the time thinking about how much fun I had. How quick the shuttle ran. Some people talked about getting 10 or more practice runs in! How many people spent how many hours for the love of the sport and how much that showed in all the little things that make up a race weekend. How many people lined the Slalom course just to watch! There were so many I felt like I was at a National or something. Anyway it just felt good to see that many people coming out to race and to watch the racers.