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Mountain Biking 11 Feb 2009 10:44 pm

“The Quiver Syndrome”

So I had this idea while I was out riding my cross bike last weekend.  I’m riding along thinking about how many bikes I have and how specialized ( please don’t sue me Specialized) they all are and how much money they represent and how truly awesome they all are for their specialties.  My DH bike just rips the descents,….well the really hairball parts anyway.  My slalom HT is oh so fast on the groomed berms & rollers.  My super d bike is perfect for that zen mix of just a little climbing but mostly descending.  My single speed rocks on the climbs but suffers the downs in comparison.

And wouldn’t you know it…Every time I’m out riding any one of my bikes I spend a decent portion of the ride thinking about–Oooh I wish I had my DH bike for that section–and then man my HT would have been just perfect for that last 200yd section–I could have gone like 3 seconds faster through the last mile if I’d just had my ” ?bike”.  I think you see where this is going.  It’s not just the bikes either next you start thinking about different tires for different corners and if you could somehow magically grow & shrink your bars for certain trails.  Next thing you’ll be wishing you had a riding kit that magically turned into a skinsuit when no one was around to see it & then back to hip moto baggies for the photo ops.  It’s a sickness really. If any of that rings a bell then you’re probably a bit of a weight weinie too–like me.  Be honest. If you’re not like that then you can stop reading now knowing you are a more balance person than I. I however am spoiled by it all.

So after thinking on all this I started thinking about when I first started racing.  I had a bike.  As in one bike.  And I raced everything on it.  DH, DS, XC, hillclimbs, and it was my road bike too.  It was a simple time and I knew no better.  I don’t think anyone did really,..except for those of you who had a road bike too–you knew better.  It was just what you did in a time when most suspension forks had as much horizontal travel as they had vertical travel.  Not to mention rear suspension was still considered suspect by the general mtn biking population then. Yes I am 33 years old.

And then I thought “well bikes are way better than they were back then, why don’t I challenge myself to race every event I enter this year on one bike like in the beginning”.  Hmm why don’t I?  Every Pro DH, DS, Super-d, XC, (cyclocross?!) on one bike.  It’s doable.  I’d get my butt kicked at most of those race types simply by not being on the perfect race weapon. Especially when getting your butt kicked in a gravity race is usually a matter of seconds. Sometimes like seven seconds. But I bet I’d still beat a lot of people.  They wouldn’t like that.  That is what racing is all about right? Proving your physical prowess over others. Those of you who are currently saying “no it’s about  joy & camaraderie & teamwork”—I already told you to stop reading like two paragraphs ago–Here’s a link now stay there.

There is a certain kind of masochistic allure to it.  Last year I was shall we say “extreme” about my diet, and I’m not doing that this year so maybe that side of me is just looking for a new torturous outlet.  Still though there’s something attractively simple and bad-ass about the idea.  While I hate not winning I also really like this idea of the one bike.  No excuses for a season.  NO thinking about if only I had such & such bike for this or that.  Just—I’m here, I’ve got my bike, and I’m gonna rip it as best I can.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not about to get rid of the quiver ( refer to paragraph one). Just because I’m spoiled by them doesn’t mean I don’t still love my toys. It’s just an idea right now.

Mountain Biking 04 Feb 2009 01:23 am


To the 6 or 8 of you foolish souls who may still check in on this blog—I’m Back. Yup. You might ask “well what could cause such a lapse in communication”… “I really missed your race reports and self depreciating tales of training & fitness woes”…”I really didn’t know how to modify my bike parts to void all warranty service in the name of shaved grams”. Here I must throw in a quote from renowned Scott Churchill (who stole it from someone else) “If you count the ounces the pounds will take care of them selves”. Ha! hacksaw all the way baby!

The reason for my lapse is that I’ve had other stuff happening–so there. Like having a son. To the 2 or 3 of the 6 or 8 of you reading this now who have had kids you will know that it is the most amazing, beautiful, inspiring, awesome (in the purest sense of the term) truly valuable,….time consuming thing, you could ever do with your life on earth.

However. I’m going to make a promise to post at least once a week from now on. Those of you who have blogs & post multiple times a week, or day, will think this to be a Pansie promise. OK. It feels like a pretty big commitment to me.

In closing I present you a picture of my son Ripley Riddlecan do no wrong