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Mountain Biking 15 Mar 2009 09:14 pm

As my Friend Dylan Robbins would say…

It’s on like a pot ‘o neckbone!  I don’t actually know exactly what this means…I think it might be something he picked up in his time as an archeopologist in the jungle(I just made that word up because I can’t remember which he actually was) .  Or maybe it’s because he moved here from Texas. Either way it’s always used to send off what will be a most triumphant moment.

I am currently recovering from Downieville Race registration syndrome.  That is to say I feel like I just got done racing the actual race while sitting at my computer anxiously waiting to see if I won the lottery.  No that’s not quite right either.  I feel like my body just shot it’s entire race dose of adrenaline into my system at 7:59 pm tonight with no outlet but my computer keyboard, and it’s just now flushing out of my system.

Last year the race sold out in about 3 minutes for the Pro category.

The race registration process really condenses a whole year of race tweaking, strategizing, and stressing into a truly anxious couple of minutes. I was way more amped up for registration than I think I’ve ever actually felt at the starting line of any race.  Ever. Maybe it’s because in my mind I see roughly one million other racers who are, at that exact moment in time, scattered across the country, also tensely crouched over their computers hoping to type fast enough to obtain one of the coveted 200 spots for the All mountain category.   Maybe it’s because I know it has nothing to do with my speed as a rider and everything to do with my speed as a typist.  And those two things are in a direct inverse proportion of each other. It will probably take me longer to finish this post than it will take me to finish the race in July.

My wife came in and coached me through the process. As if I was a passenger trying to land a commercial airliner after the pilot died.  As if I was sent in to defuse a bomb and told to cut the! green wire.  She stood over my shoulder and calmly reminded me to check the box that said I was over 13 years of age(that one put at least 20 seconds on my reg time last year) and to check the other box ( I don’t remember what it was for).  I won’t say she kept me sane during those 2 minutes.. Because I was an absolute nutbar.  I felt like the Scrat from “Ice Age” freakin’ out about his acorn.

When it was done I found myself in the kitchen, flushed with improperly dosed adrenalin, almost shaky with it.  My wife smiling and looking at me like I’m nuts.  I am.  But I’ve got my pain ticket reserved.  I’m gonna race D-ville again!  The obsession continues.

Mountain Biking 02 Mar 2009 11:57 pm

Painting, not bike riding. That’s what it’s all about

Well.  I’ve had time for I think 1 ride in the last 2 weeks.  I’ve been doing a lot of painting getting ready to have a new tenant move into our back yard rental.  Lotta painting.  No bikey.

I did go for one ride and I made sure to hurt myself good in that hour of blissful headwind.

Some new developements have cropped up to totally shoot down the “only riding one bike for the season idea” and I couldn’t be more excited.   I can’t talk about them yet and that makes it even cooler.  Mmm yes secret stuff.  Now aren’t you curious.  Yeah I didn’t put a question mark after curious because I figure it’s more of a statement than a question.