Ashland 12-Mile Super D (from Decline Magazine)

In the first showdown of the year featuring all of the top endurance downhill riders – Mark Weir, Adam Craig, Jason Moeschler, Ross Schnell, Nathan Riddle – Weir proved to be the fastest on the very pedally Ashland 12-Mile Super D course.

Lots of changes came with this year’s Super D, but plowing three feet of snow off the top of the course wasn’t really one of them – we’ve seen snow on the course before. This year title sponsor SRAM continued to support the event in a big way, even holding a 2011 media camp (look for more info on that later) and Bill Roussel from Ashland Mountain Adventures has taken over promotions for the event. Roussel was able to secure a two-day race permit to help ensure that registration didn’t fill up as reports of over 500 riders (last year capped at 200) had already signed up a few days before the race.

The big news of the weekend was the showdown in the pro field. WTB riders Weir and Moeschler proved they gained some speed from doing the Trans-Sylvania week-long stage race in Pennsylvania just a week prior to the event. They finished less than a second apart after over 34 minutes of racing. Craig, who is coming back strong from knee surgery, was third with his Giant teammate Carl Decker taking fourth and Ashland local hero Nathan Riddle finishing fifth.

With everyone all smiles at the bottom of the course and the rival pros chatting it up and hanging with the rest of the field, this race is what endurance downhill is all about. We can expect this race to continue to grow and we sure would like to see another race later in the year in Ashland. With many riders taking many optional routes to get down the mountain, the joke in race practice is that the Super D course is the worse trail the mountain – but that just tells you how good some of the other routes are…

Take a look at how tight these times are:

1. Mark Weir 34:40.3
2. Jason Moeschler 34:41.0
3. Adam Craig 35:01.4
4. Carl Decker 35.02.0
5. Nathan Riddle 35:16.1