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Mountain Biking 30 Jan 2011 10:31 pm

My back is under attack!

I’ve just completed my first week of following James Wilson’s Strength training program (he’s my coach) and my lower back feels very much singled out for the slacker it’s been.  Now it’s not exactly it’s fault..I’ve enabled it to be lazy. For YEARS I’ve said “no no you just kick back…back– Don’t you worry yourself about this. Let those legs do all the work”.  And they have.  And it has.  My core is going to be the strongest it’s ever been this year.  Bring it on James!  It’s not that my back feels a ton stronger after just a week but what I notice already is more awareness of what my back is doing on or off the bike.

Mountain Biking 23 Jan 2011 11:20 pm

look out tires!!

My dad, among lot’s of other really cool things, got me a motorcycle tire hot knife for christmas.  Industrial..lots of spare blades.  Heh heh heh heh…heh heh… Look out tires.  You won’t know what hit you.  No more single sided razor blades & blisters on my fingers. No more clippers & snipers.  We’re talking plug it into the wall get it hot & start burnin’ some rubber! Just to show it to the knob will melt it into submission.  Does it make the tire hook up better?  Mmmmmh  don’t know but I usually think it does and that makes it worth it right?  When I get skilled at it I’ll post some pics.

Mountain Biking 20 Jan 2011 12:54 am

The good news is…

That the snow level has retreated enough that a person can ride their bike up to the lower missing link trail and get themselves a few thousand feet of elevation in a ride.  The bad news is that lower missing link has quite a few trees down on it.  I had a brief but memorable encounter with one of them….in a very awkward place.  You know that swooping left hander that as you exit the turn you can boost over a little gap if you’re carrying good speed into it? It’s about three turns into the lower section of missing link (just after you hit the road for a bit). Anyway I was carrying good speed into it and about a foot or two from the lip I noticed that there was a tree down where I was planning to land.  About a foot and a half diameter and about 9 inches off the ground too boot. My brain did one of those instantaneous calculations and informed me that based on my current speed and trajectory my front tire would be hitting the ground, and the tree, at the same exact time. It translated this into “you’re toast dude!” but that since I was toast anyway it might as well do some damage control. The signal left the brain, got to my index fingers and I somehow managed to tap the brakes on the last foot of the lip. Just enough to change course so that I landed into the face of the gap, “tapped” the ground, and bunny-hop-double-tire-tapped the tree.  It was close. Stop and go back and look at it close.

Mountain Biking 10 Jan 2011 10:06 pm

Some big changes for 2011

Hey everybody it looks like I’m gonna be seeing some sponsorship changes for the 2011 season!  I’m very excited to be adding Santacruz Bicycles, Gamut, Easton wheels, Dakine clothing, to my previous sponsors.  SantaCruz Bicycles was a bit of an unofficial sponsor for me all of 2010 season by way of Joe Graney (head engineer there).  I got to put some serious time in on the Butcher and Driver 8 (D8) and have nothing but rave reviews for them.  Gamut is returning as chainguide sponsor after a two year hiatus where I had a conflicting sponsor/team issue that no longer exists.  Super happy to be riding for those guys again!  I also signed on midway into last season with Easton Wheels and Giro and that has been a REALLY good thing. And last but certainly not least is the fortunate addition of Dakine clothing—Those who know me well are right now thanking someone as they have experienced my past cycling wardrobe.  Soon I should have all their logo-links up on the sponsor side-bar.

The flip side of these additions is that it has meant some goodbyes to great companies.  Evil, E-13, and Thomson I owe you much gratitude and thanks for your past support.  I very much admire and respect the people and the products that define your companies.

Mountain Biking 06 Jan 2011 06:29 pm


Eh…What’s this??…Oh damn it’s my BLOG!!!  Ripley & Wendy are home so I’ll be back soon to put in some updates.